Chris Bampton

I work as a designer, I relax taking photographs of old trains.
I'm a keen amateur photographer and this website is a way of relaxing and sharing my love of photography

Having spent years watching and reading what Sean Reid, Steve Huff and others have to say and the thorough way they go about their business, I am starting to write for myself for the first time!


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Resources of Influence: Journals & Blogs

British Journal of Photography - UK
BJP is the world’s longest running photography magazine, established in 1854, and online since 1997. A high-quality monthly printed edition is available as a subscription or from selected newsagents in the UK and around the world.

Jonne Naarala - Finland  (English Language Site) 
Jonne is an adjunct professor of environmental cell biology at the University of Eastern Finland. I like the feel of his photographs. 

Matthieu Paley - Turkey
Photographer. Explorer, Anthropologist and Humanitarian - Matthieu has lived and worked in some remote and wild places. He captures people in the lansdscape in a compelling, intelligent and sensitive way that leaves those photographed with their dignity & pride intact.   

Sean Reid - 'Reid Reviews'.  USA
Technically fascinating and with a particular working and writing style, it would be a mistake to compartmentalise  Sean's photography:  'Street',  'Reportage' Landscape, Life... a photographer of considerable breadth, a publisher and author as well as being a professional photographer.  This is a paid site, but in my opinion well with the $30 a year for the collected wisdom on this site. I also enjoy the slice of small town American life 'Cheek by Jowl' with NYC.  He's just published a review of the DP2 which might be interesting especially as he is a user of the DP2S.

Jesse Pietilä. Visual Disturbance Finland

Enjoy some laid back thoughts and insights at a different pace.  I find echoes of my own thoughts here.

Manufacturer Sites

Carl Zeiss Optics

Sigma Photographic DP2 Merrill Micro Site
SigmaPhotographic DP1 Merrill Micro Site
Sigma DP1 Merrill Firmware update page
Sigma DP2 Merrill Firmware update page

Leica Photography

Fujifilm X-100
Fujifilm X-100 Firmware

Fujifilm X-Pro1 
Fujifilm X-Pro1 Firmware

Ricoh GR Digital IV

Ricoh GR Digital IV Firmware



London Camera Exchange - Derby
London Camera Exchange is a national business in the UK, with stores across the country.  Shops are run by the managers.  The Derby store has been on Saddlergate for as long as I have been buying cameras: It's a great place to buy cameras and optics from... and as the internet challenges the high-street, the way John, James and Phil do their business:  they'll have customers for life!!  There is a role for the local camera shop and we, as customers,  need to think carefully about the real price of buying the cheapest online deal compared to the ongoing value of having friendly experts and enthusiasts helping and advising.