Better late than never ?


I like buying new Cameras.  

I like buying Hifi.

BUT - 

and it's a big but... 

I  prefer pictures and music. Pursuing fantastic image quality is very similar to the craving for superb high fidelity sound.  A purists journey of learning, reading, spending, sharing (and spending some more!)

But when does the journey end?  

And Is there real, genuine satisfaction in this journey?  Or is it like stopping banging your head on the desk.... the pleasant end of a futile excercise. 

Like nailing a jellyfish to the wall:

  • Cruel
  • Difficult
  • Pointless

Over the last 15 years I've spent all of my disposable money (as well as some that  wasn't ) on Cameras, Lenses and Hifi....

It's taken a lot of time, and money to reach now: The cry is 'ENOUGH ALREADY'

It's Music and Pictures that matter - not Cameras and Hifi.

Better late than never?