DP2 Quattro

DP2 Quattro arrived this morning

In Hand - Collected this morning from Derby.  I can't believe It's here!  Thanks to guys at LCE in Derby, I've got a chance to use the DP2 Quattro alongside my own much loved DP2 Merrill.

First Impression:  Very nice indeed.

In most respects the design is nice in hand - and I will enjoy using it over the next couple of days..... however the first specific comment is sadly not a good one...  

SD Card and USB Cover 'flap' on a £900 Camera?

SD Flap

This is possibly the worst ergonomics I have experienced.  The flap is hard to open with short fingernails - the flap will no doubt wear quickly - it is such a tight fit that it really is not easy to get it open.  You might think that Sigma are expecting you to plug the camera in to download?  Well even if you plug your camera in to download - you have to open the same flap anyway, as it conceals the USB socket too.  


I really like this camera, and I'm positive about the new form and optimistic about the new functions:  The increased speed of use is already evident, rapid focus, light speed image processing (relatively), image quality, higher ISO performance and increased battery life will all be compelling reasons to buy vs previous versions or indeed anything else:  Provinding it can deliver at least the same quality as earlier Merrills....

Detail of the offending 'flap' on the DP2 Quattro.


One week later...

OK.  I was focussing on a niggle.  A week further on and the trapdoor is easier to remove, and on reflection might be easier to live with than I thought.  Yes it will wear, but I suspect there will be replacements available.... or that it 'dovetails' with the case system on offer.  Does it matter? No I don't think so:  I'm sure there will be moans and groans - but having reflected on this - it's largely irrelevant to what is a very good camera indeed.