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Sigma DP2m August 2012

The new review was published today click here.....

The DP2m has the same sensor as the Sigma SD1  (Which had a list price over £6k when it came to market)  There has been a long and largely pointless discussion/debate about the description of Foveon sensors - whether it has 46m pixels or 3 x 15m pixels.  The Foveon sensor captures information differently from the conventional bayer pattern sensor, which needs three pixels to capture red green and blue light.  Thus a bayer sensor  capturing 15mp is actually capturing 5m Red 5m Green and 5m blue and then integrating and interpolating them into a full colour image.  Foveon sensors capture Red, Green and Blue light at each pixel site (using the depth of the sensor and the innate properties of silicon to  filter light). Fuji have recently introduced a modified Bayer pattern which randomises the RGB photosites over a larger grid.  Using a single number to compare the two methods is like trying to compare Electric and Petrol and Diesel Car engines.  The numbers sort of make sense but the difference is really felt behind the wheel.

This article will evolve into a review of the Sigma DP2m and of the Foveon sensor.  It's easy to get sucked into a debate about numbers and for some reason, the debate seems to incite some folk to completely unreasonable hyperbole.

My perspective:  Look at the pictures from the Foveon DP2 and form your own opinion....   

I'm a bit of a fan of the Foveon sensor - it does impart images with a quality that is hard to put into words but is very apparent in the pictures. I've owned a DP1 (with it's 28mm equivalent lens) and two DP2's ( I sold first one I owned, without really thinking about it.  but I missed it so much, I bought another one. )   I think this camera has generated more usable images pound for pound than any I've ever owned.    I just hope this new model focusses a bit more quickly and works up to say ISO400.    

Breaking news The DP2m is in transit...   It will arrive at  London Camera Exchange in Derby on Monday 6th August.  

I'll use it for a week and then post pictures and my first review.   I'm excited. Now back to the day job.  (Squarespace grinding)

BTW.  London Cameras in Derby is a really refreshing place to buy your kit.  I've no vested interest in saying  the guys there - John, Phil and James  offer a great service, honest and helpful.  If there is any doubt about the strength of high-street retail vs the internet, then these guys have the recipe.   London Cameras Derby