Sigma Photo Pro 5.5

New Monochrome Mode announced in the new version of Sigma Photo Pro

Apple OS

  • New MonoChrome mode....
  • Setting of noise reduction is available from the “Edit” icon in the main window.
  • When you select “Auto” for the image adjustment setting, the appropriate preset value for the color mode is automatically selected  - This is only compatible with the files from the SD1, SD1 Merrill, DP1 Merrill, DP2 Merrill and DP3 Merrill.
  • Change in the design of the interface for fringing reduction (apparently!).
  • Corrects the phenomenon that the colour of X3F file in SIGMA Photo Pro looks different from the same JPEG image file on a Mac.

Windows Version

  • Works with Windows 8
  • In addition to the Apple OSX improvements the windows version apparently corrects the phenomenon that the update of SIGMA Photo Pro does not reflect the data of the latest lenses. - I cant comment as I'm OSX based.

In the absence of RAW converters for Lightroom and Aperture we have to work with Sigma Photo Pro, so it's interesting to see a new mini version:  5.5  

I'm working with this new version and it does look really interesting - I'll update this item with my thoughts and anything helpful I can offer,  in the meantime you can get more information about this free upgrade from Sigma Click Here >>

COME ON ADOBE / SIGMA Please sort out an ACR.  The workflow is TEDIOUS and must be damaging usage if not actual sales ?!