Software - Hipstamatic


Hipstamatic is a camera app for the iPhone. It offers a useful combination of image capture and post production -speeding up the snap shot workflow and making for unconventional but interesting 'grab shots'.  

Hipstamatic enables the iPhone to take square photos and combines taking pictures with effects that come as packages.  'Lens' and 'Films' and 'Flashes', can be combined to produce some atmospheric and eye catching images without spending any time at all at the computer.  

Once you've chosen a combination of Lens, Film and Flash, you just take pictures with each Lens and Film applying subtle (and not so subtle!) effects to the captured images.   Like other similar apps, it has an element of social networking to help share the pictures (although this aspect is optional.) 

Histamatic offers a compelling work flow:  computer time is minimised / eliminated,  add to this Apple's 'Photo Stream' and the time saving and image availability is genuinely useful (for web use).  

Importantly: In use, this app replaces the normal camera on the iPhone.  this means that any images taken with is app are permanently modified and combined with the post production selected when the image was taken so beware.... you're out of control.

If you can accept the limitations, you might find it's a powerful creative stimulus and turns the iphone into a productive and constructive  backup to your regular camera.  


Hipstamatic - Groovy Baby.