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  Horse Rider on Lake Baikal - Copyright 2012 Matthieu Paley -  From Siberia - 'Serko' all rights reserved.

Horse Rider on Lake Baikal - Copyright 2012 Matthieu Paley -  From Siberia - 'Serko' all rights reserved.

Talk about arresting images! Blimey.

I was looking at the BJP website and I stumbled across a photograph that was so abstracted, so arresting, so absurd that I assumed it was the work of a photoshop wizard rather than a photographer - At first (and second ) glance, I thought a spiders web and a horse rider had been fused in a fantasy concoction.  

I was  wrong.

The image was a breathtaking view of Lake Baikal - and was a representative image of what the photographer Matthieu Paley saw. The white lines are fractures in the frozen surface and are the result of thermal shock and expension and contraction on the surface of Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia.   

Can you remember the last time you saw something that you genuinely couldn't make sense of for a number of minutes? I bet it's been a while?

The image is taken from Metthieu's book 'Serko' and it tells the story of Dimitry Pashkov's 9000 kilometer ride across Russia during the winter of 1889-1890. A Historic journey - being both the longest horse ride of all time and a story of the most amazing and timeless human & equestrian achievement in a forbidding environment.

Pamir - 'Forgotten on the roof of the World' New Book

"Amongst the furthest and most remote reaches of Afghanistan, in the Wakhan Corridor, lies an isolated, arid land from which the highest mountain ranges in the world radiate: the Pamir plateau. At over 14,000 feet, some 1150 Afghan Kyrgyz live here, suspended in time: isolated by geography, trapped by history.  "

Matthieu and his Wife Mareile immersed themselves in the lives of these rugged nomads and over the course of a number of years created a vibrant series of images and social documentary. 

"The images of Pamir, 'Forgotten on the roof of the World', unveil a rarely photographed, disappearing world—testimony to the unique life, rough and fascinating, of a people attached to their land, whose survival on the Roof of the World defies all odds."

Personally I like finding beauty and colour, texture and form in the abstracted detail of every day life,  Matthieu has done something amazing both aesthetically and in terms of the cultural commentary and anthropological record on an altogether different scale.

I instantly wanted to share Matthieu's lovely rich images here on Mono-Culture and after a bit of research found his website.  You simply have to look at this new book - You came to this site because you're curious about the Foveon Sensor, About the SigmaDP2 or about Hi-Fi imaging in general.  This is a lovely and rewarding book and I think you'll enjoy the website and I hope you buy the book.  I have my order in place!  

Currently, I am waiting for details of EXIF or Equipment and I am awaiting technical details of the image. With luck we should have some more details and images for this article. More to follow.

Currently available in French and German. Fortunately for English mono-linguists - the photography speaks for itself..jpeg
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