Studio Pictures from the DP2 Merrill and the Fuji X-Pro1

A couple of shots from the Fuji X-Pro1 taken whilst testing for the Sigma DP2M Merrill Review and preparing images for the main camera review...  The results were very interesting... I found the Fuji is easier to use in a studio situation and the results are great.  

But and it's a huge but.... There is a fantastic aspect of the new DP2 Merrill:  The aperture is left wide open whilst focussing.  This means that when using the camera in manual focussing mode, there is no error caused by prematurely increased depth of field. The aperture is only stopped down to taking aperture at the instant of exposure.  This single fact makes the manual focussing easier to use than many: and very similar to a DSLR. Great!! 

The Sigma DP2 is more complicated to use in the studio, and does require a bit of patience to get it set up correctly but to my eye,  it produces some some very nice, rich and detailed images....  See below.  The greens are very different despite exposure differences - obvisouly a white balance issue as neither camera actually nailed it an auto.  The light was a mixture of Daylight and Flash so tricky. Should have ised the balance card ! Also note:  The Fuji was sporting the Fuji 60mm Macro Lens,  the Sigma ... well no choice there  The standard 30mm = 40mm Lens! 

Fuji X-Pro1 1/125s @ f2.8 ISO 200 -- Fuji 60mm F2.8 ( Click to Enlarge)

Detail from the shot below.  The exposure is incorrect - Slightly under - Sigma DP2 Merrill - Click to expand the 100% crop.

Sigma DP2 Merrill - slightly under exposed.

Sigma DP2 Merrill - slightly under exposed.