Sunset of ransacked cottage

Comparison of 3 files 

Squarespace make recommendations for file size for use on photo blogs.  I thought it might be useful to export the same file in 2 different formats and see if there was an optical difference when presented in various browsers via my Squarespace Blog.  


Version 1: Size limited to 500kb and 2500px (367kb). 

This exported at file size limit of 500kb and max size 2500px.  Filename Standard   (File-Size= 367kb).

Version 2: Identical file but with Retina name format.

Identical File settings but with a different file name (using @2x.jpg at the end) file Size - 367kb

Version 3. A Full sized export from Lightroom - no restriction on image size in size or dimensions

File size unrestricted:  5.5MB and  


For comparison


2500px & 500kb a very good combination.

A lot of space and uploading time can easily be wasted by uploading vast files that make no difference to the final result.  So the advice from Squarespace (and for other websites too) is to upload files of 2500px wide and compressed to about 500kb for the perfect balance of file size and speed using Retina screens on modern browsers.

Squarespace in particular take the files being uploaded and produce versions of them at the following sizes:

  • 300px
  • 500px
  • 800px
  • 1000px
  • 1500px
  • Original

This means that the ideal size is used for the screen size and 'responsive' design being delivered to the visitor.  Websites often need to scale images to fit the space available but by doing this Squarespace cleverly starts from the closest image and works from there resulting in crisp and nicely rendered images - so no excuses - our images have to be up to scratch!!

Please add your thoughts, experiences or expertise to this item? 

Chris Bampton